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Social Responsibility ...

We set aside a fixed portion of our profits that we can utilize for humanitarian cause that would benefit the social and economic sections of the society. We strongly believe in proactively reforming the society.

Our responsibility has gone far in dealing with the health issues, education, religious and cultural awareness, providing basic amenities, helping relief victims etc to the society.

Our prime concern has always been in supporting the underprivileged. Today as a group we are successful in the charitable cause of delivering medicines to a handful of organizations. They include from NGO’s, Missionaries of Charity, Home of Hope, and Ramakrishna Missions. We have not only supported them in terms of medicines but also given a hand in terms of nutritional benefit, educational and cultural development.
The chairman has a special interest in promoting spiritual interest amongst the senior citizens of the community. Therefore, as an organization we have committed to perform once a year religious and spiritual tours for senior citizens to a better living by self awareness thereby the benefits that they can offer to the society.

Moreover we also help in providing employment in our organizations.

We extend our services to transform the lives of people and bring a difference to the society.