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The SHAH GROUP of COMPANIES consists of seven companies. The parent firm being Bharat & Company and its sister concerns being Kantibhai Chemicals, Deep Pharmaceuticals, Anil Chemicals,  Kansas Laboratories, Vidhi Bulk Drugs and Euro Biogenics. With over five decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, the chair people Mr.Anil Kumar Shah, Mr.Bharat Kumar Shah and Mr.Dipak Kumar Shah Stands together to deliver world class products in the pharmaceutical industry.

The brief history of our group starts with the parent firm Bharat & Company that was established in the year 1964. The vision of the directors was to offer best quality medicines at affordable prices. They were the first to introduce the generic concept for most of the states in India. The company today operates with over a thousand distributors and more than five thousand retailers giving the consumer the benefit of economical medicines keeping in mind the generic concept.

Today along with the company’s self line of products, it distributes the product lines of over fifty companies in the eastern states of India. They include multinational companies  and domcestic companies. We have been catering to the Indian pharmaceutical industry with over eight hundred products. Today Bharat & Company is recognized as one of the oldest and the most reputed companies with the goodwill in promoting common medicines.

Soon we came up with our second company Kanitibhai Chemicals, in the year 1975. This was named in the name of the directors’ father who was known for his charitable nature in the society. Furthermore Kanitibhai Chemicals deals mostly in the network of the charitable houses. Today the company deals with over a score of NGO,s and institutions private and government.
Often the company supports most of these NGO’s in free distribution of medicines to the less privileged. Most of our works related to this company is for charitable purpose and to supply medicines in no profit and no loss scenario to mainly understand our social responsibility to the community.

With our prospects in pharmaceutical industry, we started with two other companies Anil Chemicals and Deep Pharmaceuticals. We introduced Anil Chemicals in 1984. This was to primarily organize our work in the sectors of the pharmaceutical industry related to the government affairs  This company deals with most of the government organizations.
At Anil Chemical we are also CnF’s (Consignee and Forwarding Agents) to many multinational companies. Anil Chemicals is a well known registered firm that participates in tender business in domestic and market overseas.

Deep Pharmaceuticals was introduced in 1986. It was then we best understood the value of ethical trading of our business. This company mainly deals in the prescription and OTC related drugs. We have a strong team of over a hundred medical representatives and a network of doctors that promotes our products. Mostly we have a strong work field in the eastern states of India.

The question of in-house manufacturing to maintain the quality of our products was always our prime concern. Kansas Laboratories Pvt. Ltd a professionally managed manufacturing house was then built in 1986. The company is registered under the Government of West Bengal. The company manufactures wide range of medicinal products comprising tablets, capsules, and dry syrups in major therapeutic segments to meet the day to day requirements of the medical profession.

We have the latest Range of modern machineries and equipments from reputed manufacturers capable of producing about 144 million tablets, 12.96 million capsules and 7500kg dry syrup per annum. We are well equipped with our quality control, quality analytical and microbiology labs. The production and quality control have been entrusted to a team of dedicated professionals, committed to total quality management at every stage of manufacture.

Today the company deals in all kinds of Analgesics, Antipyretics, NSAID drugs, Anti allergic, Anti epileptics, Anti infective drugs, Anti bacterial drugs, diuretics,
Antacid & Ant ulcer drugs, Anti Malarial Drugs, Antispasmodics, Psychotherapeutic drugs, Anti Psychotic drugs, Cardiovascular Drugs, Anti tuberculosis drugs, Vitamins etc.

We are committed to provide a total package of medicines that can be trusted by doctors and prescribed.

Our group did our first exports in the year 1992 through our company Vidhi Bulk Drugs situated in Mumbai. Presently it is one of the leading contract manufacturing and merchant exporting houses in bulk drugs, intermediates and API’S. “Vidhi” stands its mark in the highest quality of Pellets – Enteric Coated Pellets , Granules & sustained release forms of various APIs excipients and Ayurvedic Products. In October 2009 we recently exported newtraceutical products to Sri Lanka. Today the company already has its operations in the following countries Alger, Kuwait, Israel, Sri Lanka and Egypt.  
The maximum of “Vidhi’s” exports are related to the territory of Sri Lanka where we export pharmaceutical, ayurvedic and newtraceutical products.

 The professionally managed team at “Vidhi Bulk Drugs” undertakes regular vendor audits of the Manufacturing plants in order to ensure that the Products that we supply are of highest standards. We meet to international quality guidelines in all our products.

Lastly with the formation of our second new export wing EURO BIOGENICS we are mainly catering our overseas reputed clients with export quality pharmaceutical formulation. Our brands meet

EURO BIOGENICS came into production under the guidance of the technically sound team of three partners Mr. Neerav Shah, Mr. Jahir Shah and Mr.Dhillon Shah.
The company holds a strong domestic market in both the sections generics and ethical trading. “EURO BIOGENICS” is known for the trust and honesty in the ethical trade of the pharmaceutical industry. Today the company is stepping forward to introduce itself as a global player in Sri Lanka.

Euro Biogenics now holds its manufacturing unit in Gujarat. Over the time we have strictly followed the quality control as per the WHO GMP norms. Today we are in a position to market products in both regulatory and non regulatory markets. We now hold the WHO GMP status from the FDA of (GUJ), India.